Carollyn Eden - composer 

Carollyn Eden is a composer, singer-songwriter and arranger. Her fluid style incorporates classical elements and modern synthesised sounds with strong melodies and atmospheric moods, taking the listener to the heart of the moment. A pianist, singer and flautist, after completing school in Leeds, she went to the Guildhall School of Music and Drama, where she was a 1st study pianist, also studying singing, composition and orchestration.

Amongst her work Carollyn has composed the original score for the BBC Radio 3 Essay Series Music of  the Spheres, for which she created music incorporating  the different notes assigned to the heavenly bodies by astronomers and thinkers from Pythagoras to Kepler. These notes are used both for the harmony and melodic elements of many of the pieces. The series was chosen by the BBC Commissioner to be repeated in 2020. Carollyn has also written music for the BBC World Service documentary Space 1977 and recorded music for the BBC Radio 4 dramas The Hours and Echo Point. She has composed and recorded music for videos by ESA (European Space Agency) including The Motion of Two Million Stars which was shown at their 2017 Paris Exhibition. She recently composed music for the video announcing the 1st International Moon Day.

An experienced singer-songwriter, Carollyn has recently co-founded the rock band Storm Deva with guitarist Stuart Clark, for which she is the principal song writer, lead singer and pianist. Their debut album Alchemy will be released later this year.  The songs, whose lyrics are rich in natural imagery combine rock, classical, folk and world influences and are arranged for five piece band comprising of vocals, piano/keyboards, guitar, cello, drums and bass. 

Carollyn has also written the libretto for the short opera, Blood Rose by composer Mark Glentworth (Steven Berkoff’s longtime composer.) This was followed by the opera Ula also with Mark Glentworth for which she wrote the original story and libretto.